How to know YOU are Neglecting YOUR Website

A Common Misconception

If you’re like every other business owner in the digital age we find ourselves in, then you probably measure the effectiveness of your website based on the number of physical customers that it delivers.  Hence, the more people who mention seeing you online, the more time you’re whiling to spend on creating and delivering an awesome user experience.  That’s great IF your website is already constantly creating fresh leads.  For most of you, this is not the case.

The Truth

The #1 reason small business owners neglect their online presence is because they don’t see a constant and continuous influx of customers who originated from their online efforts.  Then, illogically, they assume that it’s because people are not looking online for their type of product or service.  We all know that’s not the case since nowadays people use their smartphones for everything plus some.  Next time you’re at the grocery store, look around you… If it’s anything like my college town grocer, people are likely using their phones to manage a list of things they need to pick up, or their recopies for the week. Your customers could be visiting websites, (maybe even your competitors website!) while they are physically at your place of business, inside your store shopping.

If you’re not sure if you’re the person this article was geared towards, make sure you’re doing these 5 things on the regular:

Post Fresh Content

Every time you create new content on your website, it’s like a honing beacon and distress signal to Google that is screaming, “Hey you! Look over here!!! I care about my customers!”  The more you post, the more often search engines will visit your site to ensure that your visitors are always accessing your most recent content , when coming from said search engines.  Fresh content doesn’t have to be something you slaved over for months to perfect either – new product descriptions, new pictures and videos, new services being offered, or even updates to existing pages.

Change Your Homepage

Along the same lines, changing up your homepage even if just by a little, can have profound effects on your customer’s motivation and interaction with your website and services.  If you pay attention, that’s why you notice all the huge businesses switching up their homepage frequently;  it keeps things feeling new and fresh without changing the navigation.  So even if it’s just adding another couple slides to your image slider or adding a blue banner above the main navigation displaying a 5% sale, these changes really do matter and can have a huge impact on conversions.

Social Media Updates

Social Media WebsitesThe first thing a user does when visiting you on social media, is look at the last thing you posted as your company.  If the date on the post is several months old or more, that tells them you’re really not interested in communicating with them.  What’s so crazy about this is that you can post about anything to keep your engagement levels high.  It could be anywhere from new content you’ve posted, a picture from the event you were at this past weekend, checking in at an industry related seminar you attended, a related news article, or local information consumers might find interesting.

Make Contact Information Available

If a customer comes to your website and has to look for any more than three seconds to find your email, phone number, address, or hours, then you KNOW you are neglecting YOUR website.  Do drill this fact home, the #1 reason why consumers leave a website shortly after visiting for the first time; people simply don’t have the patience to search down information that quite frankly, you should display on every page.  If this is something you’re guilty of, FIX IT IMMEDIATELY!

Offer Very Little Core Content

Content Low BatteryThis one is a lie.  There is literally no excuse for not having a phenomenal description of what your business does, what products/services you offer, and why consumers should and do trust in you.  This is the core of any and all great websites, yet we all come across terrible websites every day that can’t seem to answer even your most basic questions.  Since all of this content highly influences how well your website ranks, it is imperative for your websites long term success.

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