If YOU Are Ignoring Your Website, YOU are Ignoring Your Customers

A few years ago, I found, what I thought was an unbelievable steal on a brand new 1976 Tri Hulled Glasspar.  A monster of an ancient bass boat, ready for open waters. So I thought…

I had been looking for a boat, and had made it my goal that summer to have a boat to be able to take my family and a couple friends on Lake Michigan for the 4th of July fireworks back in my lovely hometown of St. Joseph, MI (The Most Romantic City in Michigan (seriously look it up)).   So when I saw that Sexy chalky faded white side of the hull, and realized the guy couldn’t get the motor started like he said he could, it was obvious it was coming home with me.

I did end up buying the boat that day, and with my dad’s help have restored it back to its sporty bass-catching days, but stepping back to look at things, I made a few very real and important realizations that day:

  • The seller failed to respond to my email for close to 8 days.
  • He failed to post an ad that represented what he was actually selling.
  • Instead of posting about the condition of the boat he had to sell, this guy had irrelevant information from an old sales pamphlet.
  • He couldn’t answer some seemingly basic questions about the boat and the motor, even though he “did all of the work on it himself.”
  • He blamed not knowing how to use technology, and later said he had his 13 year old son post the ad for him.

Slow Down People, this was on a major website, a website worth somewhere between $2 and $5 billion. Generating 100% of this guys leads via the web, for free,  and here I was, wanting to hand the guy a printed copy of his ad to ask him if we are talking about the same boat.

Enough of a story, let me get to the point.

If you have the mindset of the Bass Boat Salesman mentioned above, you are literally going out of your way to ignore your customers and waste their time.  Like it or not, they are searching the internet daily for things to spend their hard earned money on and they are only going to wait on you to catch up to modern times for so long.  Eventually they will stumble upon a better solution and forget about you entirely – and it makes absolutely no difference how great your products or services are.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not just talking about optimizing your website, it’s bigger than that now – this is about technology in general. For Example:

  • If you’re not answering emails or social media messages quickly, you’re telling your customers that they really are not important.
  • If your website doesn’t answer your potential consumer’s most important questions, you’re saying you don’t care if they buy from you or not.
  • If you haven’t bothered to focus on your online presence, then you’re saying smartphone users should go somewhere else.
  • If your website doesn’t offer a unique value proposition, then you’re better off being a brick in the road, because you’re telling the world, there is nothing special about you or your business.

I could go on and on… But hopefully you catch my drift.  Your choice to not optimize your online presence and embrace technology says a whole lot more about your company then you realize, and you better believe that your potential customers are taking notice.  Stop ignoring the audience you’re working so hard to find – it’s time to straighten out your priorities and make your website stand out.


Sometimes it just takes a little elbow grease, but let me tell you, it can really pay off in the long run.

bass boat 4


Have you had an experience similar to mine?  Do you have a comment relating to this topic?  Feel free to leave it below!  Thanks for reading.


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